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See what we get up to at Kiddywinks

At Kiddywinks we like to keep out children busy with lots of stimulating activities, all designed to help your child to grow in confidence. When the weather is nice we have a great outdoor area kitted out with lots of hands-on activities and when it's too cold outside we areas where your child can develope their speech and communication skills. 

We don’t all like to get messy at home, but that’s why this is a perfect opportunity for your child to get hands-on, head to toe in all kinds of sensory activities! We experience gloop play (cornflour), body painting, large painting, playdough, sand, mud, flour and even baked beans! It develops physical, language, cognitive, social and emotional skills, creative and best of all the staff love it too. 


Messy Play


Recall and story and song time

Enjoying books and reading stories from a very early age is crucial in the development of children.


It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination and develop their speech, as well as being something they really enjoy. Parents and Practitioners play a huge part in the development of reading skills in young children. The more children experience books the more they will gain the interest and passion for them. Reading offers so much more than just quiet time in a cosy corner. It helps to develop spelling, listening, writing, literacy and social skills.

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