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An inspiring environment for your child the thrive.



A Unique Indoor Environment

At Kiddywinks we have a unique environment that reflects our ethos and learning culture of fun, learning and imagination.

Our rooms are places where children are safe and settled. They can experience a wide range of activities that are fun and children learn by being able to create, explore and challenge themselves.

Click here to find out more about our individual rooms and play areas!


Exceptional Outdoor Environment

We have a passion for outdoor learning. We worked hard to create an exceptional outdoor environment that is an exciting, fascinating and stimulating place for children to play and learn. We have a large sandpit, a captivating sensory kitchen area and a large vegetable garden inspiring children to grow and cook their own food.

A place that children can explore, learn and relax in.

Click here to visit our gallery for lots more pictures of our outdoor play areas and activity stations. 

kiddywinks garden.png
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