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Our Key Person Approach

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How can this help your child?

A Key person approach supports and provides a stable nursery experience and environment, ensuring the children feel secure and cared for.


The Key Person meets the individual needs of each child and will respond sensitively to their feelings, ideas, and behaviours. The Key Person has a special responsibility to their child -they will often be the one to feed, change and soothe your child. This bond between the Key Person and the child allows us to better understand your child's needs, hence improving their overall nursery experience.


To all at Kiddywinks (past and present!)

Thank you for an incredible 5 years. Going back to work and leaving your child with someone else to look after is so traumatic, but thankfully being able to bring them to Kiddywinks where i knew they were safe, supported and loved made it that more easier. They have enjoyed themselves immensely and well prepared for their next steps into school life. My oldest child's transition was seamless and i know my youngest will be just the same as he has grown into an incredibly confident young boy, with the help of all the amazing and caring staff. Thank you for everything. 


Child's voice "Bye bye everyone! I hope you have a lovely time with the other children who aren’t leaving. Thank you, I've had a lovely time here" 

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