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We painted the tyres and rolled them on the paper to see what marks we could make, then we added cars, handprints and shoe prints! We practiced our pretend cooking skills with the oats! Mixing, stirring, filling, emptying, and playing with our friends. We have also decorated small pumpkins and used the spaghetti as their hair! We mixed white and black playdough to see what we could make! It also smelt of mix spices! 😁

We provide meals for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our meals are supplied by the food company Apetito. They provide outstanding nursery food that caters to all allergens and intolerances.  Their strict procedures make Apetito food one of the safest catering options available. They create tasty, nutritious meals which not only support children's growth but also encourage children to try new meals with exciting flavours to help develop their taste pallet. We think it is essential to educate children in healthy choices and do so in encouragement at mealtimes. Throughout the year, we like to make the most of our fruit and vegetables, grown and picked by the children, in our own vegetable garden. We can work alongside parents to accommodate any dietary requirements and current menus are displayed on our parents' notice board or can be emailed upon request. Your child is provided with breakfast, mid-morning snack, a hot meal followed by a pudding, fruit snack and then afternoon high tea.

Click below to download an Apetito information leaflet

APETITO MEALS - Parent information
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Download our COVID-19 information and safety measures document.

COVID-19 information and safety measures
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