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In order to make sure that each age group gets the attention and direction, they need have split our setting into age-specific rooms in order for us to be able to offer the support that a child needs as they develop. We are also lucky enough to have a secure and substantial outdoor area for all our children to play in. 



Our baby room is a warm, caring, stimulating environment: rich in sensory opportunities for your little ones. Our carefully selected team, experienced in caring for babies, provide a beautiful balance of cosy cuddles and exciting play.

We are committed to working with you as a family; continuing your babies current care routine is vital to us. To support verbal communication between parents and the key person, your baby will receive daily feedback and what exciting opportunities your baby has been up to! Your baby’s key person will send you a photograph of your baby along with observation and learning by our online system Tapestry, and this is carried throughout your child’s nursery adventures.


Whilst you can use it to provide exciting news, special events, achievements at home for your child’s key person.




Moving through to our toddler room, we provide your child with opportunities to experience and explore their growing world, embracing their emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.

We encourage them to express their unique personalities by nurturing each individual child’s interests and stages of development.


All of our learning is play based on children’s reactions or interests. We do this by providing children with opportunities, the learning which takes place within these opportunities is unique to each child. Our knowledgeable practitioners then support and extend children’s ideas using reassurance and effective questioning to develop your child’s knowledge and understanding further. The children are encouraged to use their independence to choose their own activities and build on their play experiences with others. Opportunities of small world and role-play activities are provided to extend the children’s imagination, making their stories come true. We give the children enough time to say what they want to say and provide them with the resources that encourage them to communicate. Small group times are encouraged to promote turn-taking and focus attention ready for them to move into the Preschool room. 




Confidence and security in their own independence are vital in ensuring the transition from nursery to school is a positive one. We use many activities to promote trust and self-awareness such as our welcome songs, days of the week song and circle time. Encouraging independence in self-care, such as their independent skills of putting your own coat, wellies, shoes on, is also something we refine in pre-school.

We further prepare children by introducing knowledge of numbers, shape and the introduction of phonics and letter information. We have many resources, such as our lunch labels, that encourages name recognition leading to the writing of their name when they are ready. 



Play Area

The natural world has inspired the outdoor play areas at Kiddywinks. They are filled with rich sensory areas, and delicate detail creates a powerful learning environment for even the youngest children.

The outside play offers wonder-filled moments for all ages, the lush carpet of grass, the sound of children, church bells and birds. Children can they see the vegetables they planted grow, or they pick and eat the apples from their own fruit trees.

Children are natural investigators. Fuelled by curiosity, they use their senses to learn about the world. They become focused, yet calm, primed for learning and connection.


The fun things of splashing through the puddles are helping children gain knowledge of cause and effect while exploring properties of weather. Young children learn naturally when allowed to explore and discover, manipulate and practice newly acquired skills through play. Play is not trivial, it's children's tool for growth and learning. Children can make a mud milkshake in the mud kitchen if the mud is too thick, they can add more water and begin to problem solve adding more water to make just the right consistency for a milkshake!

Fresh air and the rhythmic sounds of nature are relaxing. Nature's role as a soother is time-tested; At Kiddywinks, we use the outdoors to help them calm down children and settle babies to sleep.

Our natural garden is a magical place for connecting and learning.

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