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We care about the future of your child and the environment around them. 

Holding Plant


At Kiddywinks we are doing our bit in when it goes to looking after planet but also making it a safer and more sustainable environment for your child.

We are keen and want to contribute to helping the world and the environment. The staff at Kiddywinks are role modelling and teaching the children the importance of recycling, looking after the environment and community. Simple things we are teaching them is turning off the taps/lights when we have finished, growing our own fruit and vegetables which, we are watering with our water butts, recycling old materials to make new sculptures. In the gardens, we are looking after the flowers to help the bees and bug, and encouraging children to make bird feeders and bug houses.

Cloth and Recyclable Nappies

​​As a nursery, we want to help parents to make greener choices so are facilitate the use of recycled and reusable nappies. Simply speak to one of our team so that we can put a plan in place to make this possible.


We are well aware of the impact of 'microplastics' on the environment so we create all our masterpieces using eco-friendly glitter and recycled materials. 

Upcycling & Reuse 

A big part of our ethos is to recycle and reuse where we can. so encourage parents to bring in old furniture or unwanted items for us to use them in our setting, we are currently making new tables, art areas and developed our small world area outside, so all donations are welcomed. 

Getting Crafty 

​We have a membership to our local Resource Exchange Centre so in addition to using donated unwanted items, we can to make eco-friendly masterpieces throughout the setting. We love having bits and bobs for children to explore and create with. 


We have gone paperless with all our observations being recorded on education journal platform Tapestry! We also now only send out electronic forms and newsletters. 

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